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Home Auto Systems Now Controlled By Voice

Home Auto Systems Now Controlled By Voice

New software developed by Touch Panel control will allow home automation owners to speak to their AMX home-auto systems.

The Touch Panel Control application enables Android and iOS devices to recognise everyday conversational cues, such as “I want to watch the ABC.” To activate voice control, users will have to simply tap a widget and speak into the device.

Anyone can use the application as it will recognise 50 accent types and languages.

Like Apple’s Siri, the application has witty artificial intelligence that responds to your instructions, promptly clarifying close matches and confirming commands. Touch Panel Control’s Managing Director, Michael Edwards, believes the software will change how people interact with smart environments.

“The success of Siri on the iPhone uncovered significant demand for voice control but there has previously been no means to integrate the feature into third party applications. VoiceControl changes that. It brings voice control technology to the user of an AMX smart environment and TPControl was the first to introduce it” says Michael Edwards, Managing Director of Touch Panel Control.

Check out the video demo below: