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Super Hi-Vision: TV’s Next Coming?

Japan’s Nippon Housou Kyoukai Science & Technology Research Laboratories, has unveiled its prototype TV of the 21st century -a “Ultra HDTV, known as Super Hi-Vision – which sports an almost unimaginable 7680 x 4320 res (8K) – making Full HD 1080p (1920 X1080) look miserable and drab in comparison.

In fact Full HD as we known it, is just one 16th of the res of this Super Hi-Vision touchscreen, which can be controlled by pinching or tapping the display and you can also zoom in, which is pretty cool.

Similar 8K res screens were debuted at CES in January but without touch technology.

The “surreal” screen experience which should be reality in the next 10-20 years and is basically like sitting in the front row of IMAX cinema, says The Verge.

NHK recently demoed the next gen screen technology on enormous 145″ Panasonic screens but also on smaller 85″ Sharp LCD’s and viewers are said to be blown away by the screen clarity and brightness.


But although you’ll have to wait another few years before they hit your living room, the screens are being erected in Japan, US and the UK to screen this years London Olympic in an NHK and the BBC joint project.

“Super Hi-Vision will be a wonderful future and will be a part of daily life,” Dr Keiichi Kubota, NHK’s Director-General of science and technology research laboratories, said.

In short, prepare to be blown away.