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Stylistic Fujitsu Tablet Claims World’s First Executive Class Slate PC

Directed at business, education and governments, the Q550 slate PC is a 10.1 inch tablet with 3G broadband capabilities alongside its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings as well as high-end security that sets it apart from the consumer range of smartphones and tablets.

On the other hand, it shares the more convenient features of these consumer tablets with multi-touch interface, built-in handwriting recognition to convert script to text and long-lasting battery life to see users through the work day.

While RIM has touted its BlackBerry PlayBook as a ‘professional grade’ tablet that has scope both in the business and consumer world, Fujitsu has dismissed its fence-sitting tablet competition, claiming its own device “is the world’s first executive class slate PC.”

“Many slate PCs on the market today are fun toys, but they don’t come anywhere close to addressing the business and security needs that are holding enterprises back from embracing the latest mobile computing technology,” said Fujitsu PC Australia manager, Bert Noah.

The tablet shifts intuitively between stylus and hand touch control so that pens and fingers don’t get muddled together when navigation through the device. When the pressure-sensitive pen is recognised, the hand can be rested on the screen without throwing off the touch controls. When the stylus is put away, the tablet automatically readjusts to touch control.

On the back-end, the Q550 runs on a next-generation Intel Atom CPU and a removable, large-capacity battery, still weighing only 680 grams with a standard battery.

On the security side, there’s fingerprint authentication, smart card reader, embedded security chip and encrypted SSD.

The Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 currently runs at an RRP of $1688 and is available now through its Australian distributor, Bluechip Infotech and Multimedia Technology.