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New Hisense Laser TV Big, Bulky Questionable Picture Quality

Hisense who recently raised the price of their TV’s in Australia have shown a laser TV at IFA 2017.

The device is big and bulky and is aimed at consumers who are interested in watching sport.

During a demonstration for ChannelNews Hisense engineers constantly had to re adjust the focus.

When we pointed this out the engineers said that the device being demonstrated at IFA was a “production” model.

Engineers said that the 1000-zone local dimming backlight control was designed to deliver 2,500 nits of brightness which they claimed was brighter than a conventional TV. At IFA, the unit was demonstrated in a darkened room. Despite this the same image on a conventional TV was brighter and the TV took up less space than the new Laser TV which looks like a big box.

Another problem with owning a laser TV is that it needs a biig white wall to deliver the best screen experience. Mitsubishi first showed a laser TV in Australia 12 years ago.

While the device includes a TV tuner and the same smart interface found on a Hisense TV their Laser TV is not as slick as models from other vendors who have been in the laser TV market for several years.

Questions have also been raised as to whether Hisense Australia is setting artificially high recommended retail pricing on their own Company web site in an effort to get consumers to believe that they are getting a discount when the price at a retail store is up to 30% cheaper than what is shown on the Hisense site.

Hisense Australia officials have refused to answer our questions about their questionable marketing activities.