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Q Acoustics Debuts 3000i Loudspeakers, Promises More Bang For The Buck

Q Acoustics whose products are now distributed by Indi Imports, has revamped its popular 3000 loudspeaker range, with the 3000i.

The UK audio specialist says the new line-up is its most refined yet. At this weeks Indi dealer conference in Melbourne George Dexter, the CEO of Q Acoustics told ChannelNews that the sale of floor standing speakers was “coming back” he said that the category was witnessing growth. Key he said was “great design” and excellent sound” which Q Acoustics has a reputation for.

While the incoming models look cosmetically similar to what has gone before, they boast some significant improvements, including trickled down technology from the brand’s high-end Concept 500 loudspeaker.  

Improvements may be iterative, brand director Alex Munro told Channel News, but they have had a big impact. “Multiple, relatively small gains have ended up giving us a far superior performance,” he says. “When you do an indulgent product like the Concept 500, you can trickle them down to more affordable products, by finding the bits that work the best.” 

The cabinet design is actually completely different from the 3000 series, reveals Munro. “The baffle and back are built-in, rather than added on. We’ve doubled up the baffle thickness too.” All the new models also accommodate banana plugs.  

We’ve had an early listen, and think these could be the best value speakers you’ll hear all year. 

Most obviously, these new models are slightly bigger than their predecessors, taller and 25 per cent deeper. This increased physical volume bolsters low-end performance. Rather cleverly, the tweeters in the 3000i series have been decoupled using a suspension system, to nullify any vibrations that might interfere with sonic imaging. The coated paper mid-bass woofer itself has a newly developed rubber surround. 

The range is positioned as both a budget-priced two channel solution as well as a scalable multi-channel home cinema proposition. In terms of design and finish, they punch above their weight. Available in an English Walnut (not actually walnut at all), Graphite Grey, Carbon Black or Arctic White, a chrome bezel surrounds each driver, adding a designer flourish. 

For desktop audio users, Q Acoustics offers the entry-level 3010i. This affordable bookshelf model is ideally partnered with computer audio sources. It sports a 22mm tweeter and 100mm mid-bass woofer. The slightly larger 3020i is a budget Hi-Fi speaker, albeit one that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. It sports a bigger 125mm woofer.  

[Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speakers]

Topping the new squad  is the 3050i floorstander. With twin 165mm woofers, it can be planted on spikes or rubber feet. The new floorstander also features P2P (Point to Point) bracing, originally designed for the Concept 500.  

To reduce the influence of standing waves within a floor-standing cabinet, which can colour the sound, Q Acoustics’ design team have employed bespoke HPE (Helmholtz Pressure Equaliser) tubes inside the 3050i’s cabinet.   


Home cinema fans can add the 3090i centre channel speaker, with twin 100mm woofers and timbre-matched tweeter, and slimline 3060S active subwoofer, to complete a 5.1 package. There is no Dolby Atmos enabled speaker in the range. 

The subwoofer adopts a Sonos-like design, and features a 200mm driver and 150W amplifier. It can be positioned close to, or even mounted on, a wall. The centre channel is deliberately the same width of AV components, to help those that want to mount their speaker within AV furniture. 

Q Acoustics is advising retailers to offer three cinema bundles. The entry level 5.1 collection comprises four 3010is, plus a centre and subwoofer. A step-up swaps out two 3010i  for a pair of 3050i floorstanders. The biggest pack attempts to cater for Atmos enthusiasts by adding Q Acoustics in-ceiling speakers, and adds a second subwoofer. 

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