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Puro Sound Labs Announce New AP Headphone Range

Puro Sound Labs is set to step up their war on Noise Induced Hearing Loss with a new Audio Protection lineup of headphones.

They say the AP line, which includes an 85dB volume-limiting in-ear monitor, will offer “an affordable, safe alternative to the standard earbud/headphone that can cause irreversible damage by exceeding healthy volume levels is now available in Australia.”

According to Puro’s CEO Brett Lacey , “The increasing use of electronic devices as a method of delivering classroom instruction, is putting non-volume limited headphones on children’s ears more frequently and for longer durations. We already have a solution for everyday life with our BT2200 and BT5200 headphones, but we saw a gap in the market when it came to classrooms where kids are spending a significant amount of time – thus we created our affordable Audio Protection Line for educators.”

Both of the two models on offer – IEM200 and OEH200 – will be volume limited at 85 dB max, include a hands-free microphone with pause/play setting control, and contain the Puro Balanced Response curve that recreates the studio grade audio of a perfectly tuned listening room.

Additionally, the company promises the IEM200 will provides the user various size ear tips to help achieve the best comfort and ambient noise isolation, blocking 79% of ambient noise, with the on-ear OEH200 blocking 80%.

The range will roll out for retailers, school districts and audiologists from today, at prices of $29.99USD and $39.99USD.

Australian pricing yet to be confirmed.