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Protect Both Water & Time with Sprinkl’s Sprinkler

Sprinkl, a start-up that develops irrigation products for the conservation of water, has revealed a fully automated home gardening system that will save both water and time.

Sensors in the garden aren’t new – but Sprinkl sets itself apart with a system that connects to the home’s WiFi.

It then uses a combination of estimating how much water is naturally contained in the yard with local weather forecasts before determining to activate the water sprinklers that day.

But the perhaps the most respectable feature is it’s alignment with the local water restrictions, having the ability to sync itself with the local water restrictions to ensure no rules are broken.

The Sprinkl sensors take moisture content measurements at one-inch, three-inch and five-inch, which is then communicated back to the control centre in real time.

This data can then be accessed through the Sprinkl companion app.

The control system automatically detects if your garden requires water instead of requiring manual settings or the owner creating a schedule.

The Sprinkl system is a step up from other similar gardening products that only rely on a Bluetooth connection and doesn’t include an app, which can be accessed and controlled away from the home.

You can purchase the Sprinkl system from their official website for prices starting at $225.

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