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Pro-Ject Announce A1 Automat Turntable

Known for their premium turntables and record players, Austrian Company Pro-Ject have announced the debut of their very first automatic turntable – The A1 Automat. Until now, automatic turntables generally sacrificed quality in exchange for convenience. Pro-Ject believe that the A1’s “mechanically reliable technology” has allowed them to develop the worlds first automatic turntable that upholds the premium sound quality that the company are known for.

At the press of the star button, the mechanical arm moves into the position of the record’s lead-in groove. Once music begins playing, all automatic aspects of the turntable are disabled, resulting in the premium sound you would get out of a high-quality manual turntable.

The A1 Automat is hand made in Germany with a high mass wooden chassis that reduces unwanted resonances, alongside newly designed feet and an internal silicone damping layer.

Credit: Pro-Ject

The A1 comes with a specially designed tonearm that is key in the turntable’s operation. At 8.3” and made of carbon-fibre reinforced polymer, the new tone arm is ultra-light and stable, so it won’t affect playback or damage your records. The tonearm comes with a factory aligned Ortofon OM10 cartridge which Pro-Ject call “the perfect match for a low-mass tonearm design.”

For user convenience and preference, the A1 comes with a switchable inbuilt phono preamp, meaning users can use as is or with their own phono stage. Finally, it comes with a fixed Connect-It E phono cable, which is semi-balanced and low capacitance with exceptional shielding capabilities.

The Pro-Ject A1 Automat is due to arrive late next month, comes in a black finish and will cost $749 AUD.


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