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Privatise The NBN, Says Boost Mobile Founder

Peter Adderton, Aussie founder of global telco Boost Mobile, has called on the Australian government to privatise the NBN, saying that it has its “foot half on the brake” at the moment.

“It should not be the government,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“It should be privatised and it should be broken up to people who will compete against each other, but it’s got to be privatised and it shouldn’t be left to the government to operate,” he said.

“I came back here (from the US) and looked at the NBN, tried to hook it up twice and it is the worst experience.

“The speeds and the pricing that I have to pay for which by the way, is not consistent, and it goes down and I’ve been living in America for 20 years, I go back there and it’s almost like this breath of fresh air.

“I get a better speed coming out of the Marriott Hotel at the airport than I do at my high speed Mosman house for the NBN. It’s just crazy. I mean, Australians are so far behind.”

Adderton believes the problem could be solved with more competitors in the market.

“The problem with Australia is that the three carriers (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone) are doing their best to protect themselves from disruption,” he said.

“I do think we will see an NBN-like model where you’ll have different brands reselling our infrastructure.

“Now we already do it with Boost, but, you know, I expect to see Amazon and Netflix come in … you could buy an Echo from Amazon and it might come with five gigabytes of data.

“I see it first hand in America and I’m starting to see what’s happening in Australia.

“The carriers will kick and scream as long as they can, but if you try to get in the way of innovation, you’ll get run over.”

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