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Powermove To Unveil “Reinvigorated” KLH For Australia

Former Klipsch executives and Powermove Distribution have snared notable audio brand, KLH, and after almost 20 years on the [book]shelf, have “reinvigorated and readied” its speakers for the Australian market.

The new collection is set to land in select specialist retailers nationally, in addition to “potentially one large retailer” late this year.

The announcement comes after Powermove was approached to take on KLH at CES 2018.

Ross Kemp, Powermove Audio Product Manager, affirms the decision to “re-birth” such an iconic brand is an “exciting prospect”, whilst adding it’s not the first time the distributor has “successfully marketed and distributed high-end speakers”.

Powermove is showing off the new KLH range at the Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show.

KLH President and CEO, David Kelley – also former President of Global Sales and Board Member of Klipsch – asserts he “couldn’t believe [his] good fortune”.

Mr Kelley affirms his team have “taken the brand back to its roots”, notably to Henry’s [Kloss] original mission – “to build world-class loudspeakers and radios at affordable prices”.

Kelley asserts he is “proud” to be the new owner of KLH, and pledges to honour Henry Kloss’ contribution to the audio industry, with new “extraordinary” KLH products.

Henry Kloss is heralded an icon of the audio industry, and credited with the first high-selectivity radio, (KLH Model Nine), the first full-range electrostatic loudspeaker (KLH Model Forty), first consumer product with Dolby Noise Reduction (KLH Model Eleven), and the first portable phonograph with stereo speakers.