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Powermove and Pioneer Bring CH Series Headphones To Oz

Local distributor Powermove has announced it’ll be bringing Pioneer’s new CH series of in-ear headphones to the Australian market.

The range, which consists of two models and four colors , promise to offer fully-featured Hi-Res audio support while on the move.

Powermove say that “the high-quality in-ears have been specially designed for mobile use with smartphones or Hi-Res Audio players, such as the XDP-30R or XDP-300R from Pioneer, to enable the best Hi-Fi music experience when you ́re on the go.”

They say “the newly designed 9.7 mm driver provides optimal sound reproduction of high-resolution music material and is supported by the exclusive Airflow Control Port, which additionally increases the sound definition in the medium and low frequency range. The braided over-ear cable design ensures optimal comfort and prevents noise interferences caused by movements of the cable.”

The only real difference between two models in the range – the SE-CH5T and SE-CH9T – comes down to the frequency range. Where the CH5T offers a frequency range of 8 Hz to 45 kHz, the CH9T widens things up to 5Hz and 50 kHz.

The latter also features some design innovations in the form of a double-layered metal structure featuring a brass nozzle and aluminum sleeve, which Powermove say will help eliminate undesired resonances and vibrations.

Powermove says they’ll arrive through the retail channel between November and December with the SE-CH9T coming in at $199 and the SE-CH5T costing half that at $99.

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