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Polk Launches Signature Elite Series

Polk Audio, a leading Sound United brand, has announced the launch of its Signature Elite Series, a set of speakers designed to play hi-res source material without compromising the original sound channel.

The Signature Elite Series includes three floor-standing tower speakers, two centre channel speakers, two bookshelf speakers, and a wall-mountable surround speaker.

The series highlights the expanded dynamic range in modern high resolution recording, allowing for crushing bass without distortion or mud, and clearly articulated high and mid range audio, with the perfect level of separation between bands.

“We set out to take a great speaker line and make it even better” said Frank Sterns president of Polk Audio.

“Signature Elite builds on the incredibly strong Signature platform and meticulously re-engineers it to maximise high-resolution audio capabilities as well as cinematic experiences for music and movie lovers alike.” 

All speakers in the Signature Elite series are optimised for Dynamic Balance, and uses mica-fortified, polypropylene woofers and Terylene dome tweeters alongside newly developed precision crossover networks.

The Terylene Dome Tweeters deliver crystal-clear audio, extending to frequencies of 40kHz and beyond, while the Custom Mica-Fortified Woofer: Signature Elite loudspeakers use an innovative mica-fortified polypropylene woofer, butyl rubber surround, ceramic motor structure and high-temperature Conex fibre spider for lower distortion, and enhanced linearity.

The cabinets are designed to eliminate unwanted resonances, while the Power Port technology helps smooth air flow from the speaker’s down-firing bass port into the listening area. “As a result,” Polk explains, “port noise is reduced, providing more detailed and extended bass response and a more open airy midrange than competitive designs.”

Pricing for Australia has not been announced yet.

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