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Polk Audio Release 15-Inch Dolby Atmos Soundbar

The MagniFi Mini AX is the latest Dolby Atmos soundbar from San Diego based audio manufacturer Polk Audio.

It seems with the new soundbar, size really doesn’t matter, as the company claims that their latest release can deliver an immersive audio experience despite is small 15-inch length.

The MagniFi Mini AX looks to be designed to take on the Sonos Beam Gen 2, which is a comparably gigantic 26-inches. Similarly, it also has five front-facing speakers that use [psychoacoustic processing that create a virtual 3D audio environment.

While both soundbars support Dolby Atmos, only the MagniFi Mini AX supports the rival audio format DTX:X. Polk have also fitted their new soundbar with their very own SDA 3D Audio Technology, which is apparently able to up-mix stereo sound into 360-degree surround.

The small yet powerful main unit of the MagniFi Mini AX contains three mid-range LCR 5cm drivers alongside a pair of 2cm tweeters. Included in the purchase of the soundbar is an external wireless sub which is much less subtle or small than the MagniFi Mini AX, with an 18cm downward-facing woofer.

Credit: Polk Audio

US customers can go even further by adding SR2 wireless surround speakers to create a 5.1 surround sound audio system.

Connectivity options include HDMI eARC/ARC, optical and mini-jack inputs for physical connection, while there is also support for streaming via Google Chromecast, Bluetooth 5, Spotify Connect and Apple AirPlay 2.

Various built in sound modes mean that the MagniFi Mini AX is designed for various forms of home entertainment audio, with settings specific for music and movies, including Polk’s VoiceAdjust technology which enhances dialogue audio. Furthermore, night mode reduces bass and increases speech clarity ensuring that others aren’t disturbed when users are watching television late at night.

The soundbar is Roku TV Ready, meaning pairing with a Roku TV is simple and your sound settings will be instantly integrated. It also comes with a remove and OLED display included.

While the MagniFi Mini AX is neither the first mini soundbar nor Dolby Atmos soundbar for Polk (with the MagniFi Mini the former and the Signa S4 the latter), the MagniFi Mini AX is the first to combine both.

Even though Polk’s new soundbar is incredibly small, the LG Éclair released last year boasts Dolby Atmos compatibility alongside a microscopic 12-inch length.

Credit: LG

Unfortunately, the MagniFi Mini AX is only currently available in the US and UK. It is currently priced at the equivalent of $774 AUD.


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