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PM Tosses Cyber Attack Hat Into British Spy Arena

After wrapping up the G7 leaders summit in London, PM Scott Morrison has met with British intelligence officials, to discuss cyber security and protection of critical infrastructure matters.

New Australian figures show there has been a 200 percent increase in reports of ransomware attacks to Australia’s premier cyber security agency in recent months.

Last financial year the Australian Signals Directorate and the cyber security centre received more than 60,000 cybercrime reports – or one every eight minutes.

Morrison revealed there had been a wave of sophisticated cyber attacks on all levels of government, industry and critical infrastructure, including hospitals, local councils and state-owned utilities.

Australian security agencies believe China has been behind the cyber raids, but the Government decided not to publicly name the state actor involved.

The PM yesterday had a one-on-one meeting with British PM Boris Johnson, followed by an announcement that the two leaders had reached a free-trade agreement between the respective countries.

Morrison was due to then fly to Paris where he planned to raise with French President Emmanuel Macron cost blowouts, schedule slippages and disagreements with the French company responsible for Australia’s $90 billion submarine project.

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