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Piracy Stopping The Growth Of Apple TV+

Video piracy is back in a big way, with an August report from the Digital Citizens Alliance showing that streaming piracy costs the big companies a whopping $71 billion USD each year in lost revenue.

A new report from MacRumours finds that Apple TV+ content is among the most pirated on these websites. As they explain:

“From MacRumors’ findings, some of Apple’s most popular shows and movies have at least 2,000 active seeders on each major piracy site, going up to as many as approximately 125,000 seeders per title. Download trends broadly map to the popularity of Apple’s various shows and movies, with the likes of “Ted Lasso,” “The Morning Show,” and “SEE” garnering the most downloads.”

Digital copyright protection company Corsearch Inc. has issued more than 320,000 DMCA takedown orders for pirated online content from Apple TV+. Although these complaints are useful in burying pirated material, all they result in is a Google delisting.

On August 16 this year, over 8,500 takedown requests were made on behalf of Apple in a single day.

At the end of the day, even Google appears to have given up, writing in a 2018 research paper that the net will contain “new sites dedicated to making copyrighted works available as long as there is money to be made doing so.”


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