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People Are Spooked By Amazon’s New ‘Invasive’ Wearable, The Halo Band

Amazon’s new health and wellness wearable band, the Halo, has received some interesting criticism by reviewers who claim the device is ‘invasive’ and ‘condescending’.

The Halo is paired with a AI-powered wellness app which provide insight into the user’s health, including body fat percentage, sleep and even monitors mood by analysing the tone of your voice.

The band is also ‘screen-free’ to allow for fewer distractions and provides basic wellness tracking which other wearables such as Fitbit smartwatches offer – except with an extra layer of ‘invasiveness’.

One particular feature users find odd is the monitoring of tone, which uses a tiny microphone in the band to listen and analyse qualities of voice such as energy levels and positivity to help the device know how to communicate best with the user.

According to The Washington Post, a review product appeared to ‘shame’ users by pointing out flaws such as an ‘overbearing voice’ or too much body fat.

The app used negative terms such as ‘opinionated, stern, hesitant, stubborn and dismissive’ to describe user voices in the publication’s review.

Users can even go as far as uploading a naked image of themselves to the companion app which is analysed by AI to distinguish body composition.

The app even shows users what their body could look like after shedding a few kilos.

Amazon says the Halo privacy policy states data captured by the device will not be sold without user permission.

Amazon introduced Halo in August and revealed the band would detect emotion by analysing speech, would monitor sleep through heart rate and tracks activity.

It is not available to the public yet and only by invitation for its ‘early access’ release. It is slated to cost $99 ($A130) and $3.99 a month for access to the app.

The device resembles a Fitbit health tracker and comes in three colours: black, blush and winter.

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