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Its On: Vodafone Ramp Up Coverage 40%

Vodafone announced a massive 40 percent expansion of its mobile coverage across regional Australia, today.  

Regional coverage areas including Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, North Queensland and NSW North Coast now have Vodafone mobile coverage for the first time. 

It has switched on more than 1,200 new 3G and 3G+ network sites. 
By the end of the year, Voda will have 72% more coverage than in 2010, when its ‘Vodafail’ issues were at its peak.
“We entirely rebuild the Vodafone network” a spokesperson told Smarthouse today. 
The new network sites are: North Queensland, South West Queensland, NSW North Coast hinterland and Central West, South East, South West, Central and Western Victoria, South-eastern South Australia, Kalgoorlie and the Great Eastern Highway in Western Australia, and WA’s South West and Coral Coast.  
“Vodafone has added half a million square kilometres to its mobile coverage areas in regional Australia, with more than 1,200 new regional network sites,” Vodafone Technology Chief Benoit Hanssen, said.
“We’ve always had a strong presence in metropolitan Australia, coupled with a firm belief people who live outside the major cities should have choice when it comes to their mobile phone provider,” said Hanssen. 

Customers can check out the new Vodafone regional coverage areas by visiting www.vodafone.com.au/aboutvodafone/network/checker