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Pansonic Release First Hard-Crust Bread Maker

As Mother’s Day looms near, Panasonic has sought to appeal to Aussie families and amateur cooks, with the release of its first hard crust bread maker for A$469.

Available in stores now, the SD-ZP2000 bread maker pledges “artisanal-quality crust loafs” from the comfort home, for baking beginners to ‘dinner party aficionados.’

The bread makers builds on Panasonic’s thirty year history in the space, and boasts 18 auto-programs encompassing hard-crust loafs, gluten free bread and fruit compotes – all with the touch of a button.

The product incorporates next-gen baking, kneading and dough rising technology, with innovative temperature sensors to replicate a baker’s oven.

One sensor seeks to measure internal temperature, whilst the other assesses ambient room temperature.

The SD-ZP2000 and its range of next-generation features will give Australians the best possible opportunity to bake delicious bread creations in a simple manner, especially those who love entertaining family and friends in the home,” asserts Chasnyn Ousmand, Panasonic Australia Product Marketing Manager for Small Appliances.

Panasonic has a strong heritage in baking and the SD-ZP2000 will ensure this easy, new and innovative solution becomes a popular choice for every Australian kitchen.”

Consumers are invited to unleash their creativity, to create loaves coated in sesame seeds, or packed with olives and nuts.

Panasonic claims the SD-ZP2000 trumps other bread makers which only feature a bottom-only heater. The device’s reflective inner lid and central heater surround a ceramic pan to produce stable baking temperature for “consistently crispy and authentic crust.”

Further information and full product specifications are available on Panasonic’s website here.

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