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Panasonic’s New Microwave Can Also Steam And Grill

Panasonic have announced a new combination microwave that can also stream, grill and bake.

The NN-DS596B combination microwave can inject steam directly into an upper compartment, helping to retain the natural flavour, texture and moisture of food while cooking. A grill tray inside the microwave can be used to cook food on both sides, giving crispy and crunchy results while eliminating the need to turn portions over.

“With these versatile capabilities – steam, grill, oven and microwave – it’s easy and quick to prepare a variety of enjoyable meals,” said Nicolas Cauzac, Panasonic’s Product Marketing Manager, Microwaves.

Functionalities of the microwave can be used at the same time. For example, setting the microwave to oven and steam will keep meat succulent while roasting. Panasonic’s inverter microwave technology helps the cooking process by preventing spills, burnt edges and hot spots by delivering graduated power.

At 27 litres, the microwave is compact and would fit easily into kitchens where space is limited. A pull-down door and flatbed technology add to the convenience and functionality, and with no turntable, the microwave is simpler to clean as well.

Panasnonic’s NN-DS596B will be available in November at a recommended retail price of $859.

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