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Panasonic Takes On Sonos With New Beam-Rival Soundbar

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has announced the launch of its new SC-HTB490 Slim Soundbar, a product set to rival Sonos’ popular Beam line-up.

Panasonic unveiled the soundbar alongside its 2021 OLED and LCD TV range, which ships with two full-range, forward-facing drive units and two bass reflex ports.

The slim soundbar – which is designed to be wall-mounted – also comes with 320W of power and includes a 160W discrete Bluetooth subwoofer.

“The compact design comfortably slots below most TVs, seamlessly blending in, and maximising the viewing experience,” Panasonic said in a product description.

In terms of connectivity, the SC-HTB490 offers HDMI, optical input, Bluetooth and a USB socket however there is no Wi-Fi connectivity or streaming support.

Priced at around $A600 (£349), the SC-HTB490 will be a worthy rival for audio firm Sonos’ Beam soundbar, which has a similar design but without a hidden subwoofer.

There is currently no date for an Australian release, however Panasonic does stock a number of its existing sound bars down under such as the SC-HTB690 and SC-HTB8.

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