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Panasonic Demostrates Why They Are Ahead When It Comes To Smart Appliances

After teasing everyone at IFA in Berlin, with a new generation OLED TV, Japanese company Panasonic then wowed the crowds with a display of where home appliances and home living are going.

In Australia and around the world Panasonic is fast earning a reputation for delivering cutting-edge appliances whether it be top end refrigeration or a new generation food mixer or a new state of the art laundry system that takes the pain out of washing and folding clothes.

Through the theme of “A better life, a better world,” Panasonic showed off a new type of living environment, built around modern electronics in the modern home.pana02-720x720

While the Company had a lot of connected appliances on show as well as smart plugs, remotes, and sensors for controlling a number of devices remotely and from around the Japanese Company who are a major supplier of a new generation of batteries for powering the home also showed new lighting and ambient sound technology.

The technology allows environments to be controlled automatically, with high-activity moods leading to more exciting lighting, while relaxing scenarios will see everything calm down to match what’s going on.

Smart wine cellars let you know what beverages you have stored there, giving you tips for pairings with certain foods, and letting you know when you need to stock up for that impending party. Camera-controlled hobs let you relax when cooking, knowing when to turn itself down and when the food begins to reach a cooked state.

For those that hate washing clothes every few days, Panasonic even has plans for that. It’s an-in-one laundry system that can wash, dry, fold, and store, all in one automated process that uses image analysis.

Panasonic is also developing a robot called “Laundroid”, which would be trained to fold laundry.

Panasonic also showed off its smart fridges, freezers, microwaves, blenders, and other food processing and storage appliances.

Panasonic’s idea of the smart home of the future would also give warnings if glass breaks, water leaks, motion cameras are tripped or someone tampers with any of it.

All of this is something that Panasonic believes will be found in future smart cities, the second prototype of which it is helping to build. Called Tsunashima SST, the smart city will utilize re-purposed factory land to create a smart living area that includes all sorts of modern technology to make life easier, more efficient, and more affordable for everyone.

Water usage and electricity will be down, thanks to smart meters and renewable sources, and the lives for the elderly and those with serious medical conditions will be improved. Panasonic’s own expertise is aiding in the construction of the town’s hydrogen station, allowing for clean-burning fuels as a major source of energy.28742030323_4cc8cb705a_o


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