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Pac-Man Meets Fortnite In New Nintendo Switch Game

Nintendo has rolled out a new online Switch game that brings Fortnite-style battle royale gameplay to arcade classic Pac-Man.

Pac-Man 99, which is free to download, will see players compete in the classic Pac-Man game with a twist: ghosts eaten with power pellets can be sent to other players as “Jammer Pac-Man” that will slow down their movements and make them more vulnerable; there is also a variety of other power-ups available.

Players will compete through a series of rounds until a single winner is determined, in the style of other titles including Tetris 99, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and the limited-edition Super Mario 35, which recently left the Nintendo Switch Online platform after being released for Mario’s 35th anniversary celebration.

“Battle royale”-style gameplay, which sees a large number of players whittled down until there is only one winner, was popularised through shooter titles including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the Epic Games hit Fortnite.

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