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Oz Turning To Dashcam Footage For Claims Assistance

With more Australians installing dashcams in their cars than ever before, the technology is also being recognised as an invaluable tool to record incidents on the road to assist with car insurance claims, according to a new research from Uniden.

The report claims that more than 20% of all Australian drivers are now filming their car journeys and an overwhelming 83% of those users say that the main reason for buying a dashcam was to strengthen potential insurance claims.

Brad Hales, national marketing and communications manager for Uniden, provides some useful tips to make sure drivers are making the most out of their dashcam, ensuring any captured footage can be confidently used as evidence to support an insurance claim.

Capture In Ultra 4K

Purchase a dashcam with high resolution as this will better identify the details of an incident, such as licence plates or a car model and colour.

The Uniden iGO Cam 85R features ultra 4K resolution to record detailed and accurate footage that will be extremely useful in supporting insurance claims if an incident occurs.

Download & Backup

Always download and back up footage captured after an incident.

Uniden’s iGO Cam 85R, 80 and 70 all have Wi-Fi, helping users to instantly upload footage to a mobile phone or smart device that is connected to the dashcam through the Uniden iGO app, which allows incidents to be replayed and shared immediately.

Protect Footage

Beocme familiar with footage lock protection in order to protect video files from being accidentally deleted or overwritten.

Depending on the type of dashcam, this might mean activating a function on an app or pressing a button on the camera.

Perfect Positioning

Position the dashcam so it captures incidents in an optimal view – a Dash cam works best when positioned squarely in the centre of the windshield.

Mounting the camera near the rear-view mirror will not block the driver’s view and captures both sides of the road.

The Uniden iGO Cam features 160-degree ultra-wide viewing angle, allowing users to capture incidents in perfect detail.

Stay Powered

Make sure the dashcam is fully charged or connected to power so it records while the vehicle is parked or turned off.

According to the research, almost half of dashcam users bought a dashcam to report incidents, as well as reckless or illegal driving while the car is parked.

Dashcams can be connected to power via an optional hard wire kit to ensure recording is happening while away from the vehicle.

The Uniden iGO Cam 85R is an ultra 4K resolution camera and includes a Full HD rear-view dashcam for capturing accurate vision at every angle.

It’s powered by a supercapacitor, providing enough backup power to ensure any recording in progress is stored safely before shutting the camera off.

GPS Geotagging and impact and motion detection technology provides accurate and detailed data, while Wide Dynamic Range captures clearer footage during night and daytime, which can be used as evidence to support an insurance claim or police investigations.

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