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OZ Retailers Set To Benefit From New Webcollage Montage System

The Webcollage retail content system, that is used by over 600 retailers and 1,000 brands worldwide including among them JB Hi Fi, Teds and Georges Cameras in Australia has been expanded with the introduction of ‘Montage’ a new set of tools that enhance a consumer shopping experience.

The system which is known to increase online sales between 12% and 36% is used by several leading online retailers in the USA including Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Lowes and Amazon.

Analysts claim that retailers without Webcollage will struggle to take on Amazon when they launch next year in Australia.Webcollage SKU Master

Webcollage CEO John Federman says of today’s shopper: “There is no doubt that enhanced content — including images, videos, interactive tours, comparison charts, 360 views and other key product attributes – has created a more engaging experience for shoppers. It’s been measured to increase sales anywhere from 12-36%. But, now, shoppers have even more kinds of content that have been shown to drive conversion rates. User Generated Content (UGC) in the form of photos, videos and reviews from users and influencers are increasingly relied upon by consumers”

The Deloitte Digital Divide Research reveals that up to 62% of Australian consumers “research information” prior to buying online, this research also has a major impact on whether they visit a store.

The Webcollage System which is available via 4Square Media in Australia the publishers of ChannelNews, SmartHouse and SoundMag was first introduced to Australia in 2011.

Retailers who use the system have access to tools not available on other platforms, they also deliver a significantly richer content experience. 4SQM has worked with several leading brands to deliver a mix of content and online Webcollage tools in Australia, they include the likes of Netgear, Sonos, FitBit, Nikon, Canon, Harman International, Huawei and Acer.

Montage will provide brands and retailers with access to an ecosystem of best in class technology companies, creative agencies and content service providers.

This ecosystem can provide new and exciting content options including video, images, user generated content and reviews, that enhance the rich product detail pages already being syndicated by the Webcollage syndication platform.

“Montage partners can access the Webcollage syndication platform and global retailer network, which is trusted by more than 1,000 brands and 600+ retailers worldwide; our manufacturer brands can syndicate other types of content at scale with no incremental development required; and our retail partners can add some of the most exciting new content technologies out there to their existing rich product content to further increase conversions and boost sales.”

Webcollage, has already teamed up with software vendors (ISVs) including Reevoo, Olapic and Gen Video.

Reevoo CEO Jonathan Callcut says: ” “Reevoo is very excited about partnering with Webcollage. They have a great platform, and through them we’ll have access to over 600 global retail partners. We know user-generated content in all its forms is conversion gold dust – so anything we can do to help brands to squeeze even more value out of what they’re already collecting is good news. And because the content is already there and ready to go, we should start seeing some good results really quickly.”

“Visual user-generated content has changed the way people shop online because it provides valuable, real-world context and creates a more meaningful brand experience,” said Pau Sabria, co-founder of Olapic. “Leveraging Webcollage’s syndication capabilities is a great way for brands to showcase their top customer photos consistently across multiple retail sites and influence the customer’s path to purchase.”

For further information on the Webcollage content system in Australia, contact Paul Gore at 4Square Media on [email protected]

See a classic Webcollage SKU at work here.




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