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Oz Retailers Brace For Major Product Packaging Reform

Forthcoming changes to local product packaging legislation are set to significantly impact both physical and online retailers, after Environment Ministers endorsed a proposal to make packaging 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

In a bid to reduce Australia’s carbon footprint, ministers offered their endorsement of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation’s (APCO) proposal, which is positioned as a solution to the country’s growing waste problem.

The proposal is tipped to cause significant follow-on effects for Australian retailers, specifically in the way products are packaged or shipped despite multi-channel operations.

APCO CEO, Brooke Donnelly, affirms the proposal is a “monumental call to action” and one of the “most ambitious” environment targets locally supported:

“The China issue presents a significant opportunity for Australia to shift to the next level in packaging resource recovery, recycling, and end use. Today’s announcement is a monumental call to action and one of the most ambitious and decisive environmental targets to be supported in Australia”.

The news follows the ban of single-use plastic bags, announced earlier this year.

As competition within the retail industry continues to intensity, it’ll be interesting to see the effects of increased packaging reform, notably in the pure-play space.

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