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Oz Reputation Sliding, As Bribery, Corruption Figures Spiral: Deloitte

SYDNEY: Australia is among a group of Asia-Pacific nations that is likely to see a high new spike in bribery and corruption  in the wake of the current Covid-19 pandemic now spreading rapidly across the world, according to the latest Deloitte bribery and corruption report.

“As markets reel from the impact of Covid-19, uncertainty and anxiety may well trigger an increase in risky behaviour,” says Oliver May, Deloitte’s forensic director.  

“As the threat to livelihoods accelerates, so do the vulnerabilities to dishonesty. Fraudsters, cybercriminals, organised crime groups and corrupt individuals will test your organisation’s commitment to integrity. Employers need to support their people, 

organisations and the wider community by making sure they have anti-bribery policies and programs in place.”

Adds Chris Noble, managing partner at Deloitte Forensic Asia Pacific: “The 2020 Deloitte Australia and New Zealand bribery and corruption survey leaves no doubt that Australia’s reputation has slipped over the last two years. Clear, confident, unequivocal communication is so important to ensure the sustainability of your business and protect its reputation.”

Other findings in the Deloitte report include:

  • One in 20 Australasian organisations have “unclear” approaches to bribery which do not specify “no tolerance”; and
  • Many Australasian organisations worry more about their people receiving bribes than paying them.
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