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OZ Networked Audio Inventor Reveals Milo Now You Can Talk To One Another Without The Need For A Smartphone

He invented one of the first networked audio products, now former Milsons Point NSW resident Peter Celinski is back with a new networked product called Milo that allows groups to talk to each other without the need for a smartphone or two-way device.

Tipped to revolutionise the way skiers or groups of surfboarders or people on building sites communicate Milo is a full duplex multi-way, hands-free, phone-free, high-quality voice over a proprietary ad-hoc mesh network device.

Click it onto the handlebars of a bike or around your arm when skiing the device allows easy communication between partners, colleagues, or people who in the past have had to use two-way radio or mobile phones to communicate.

The device that looks like a big button, has 6 fully integrated microphones, speaker, and multiple radio antennas.

There is no need for a Wi-Fi or mobile signal as the Milo devices establish their own network.

They also operate via a paired Bluetooth headset or one can plug in a headset to the Milo device.

Built into the chipset is situational awareness capability including audible notifications “Sam is about to go out-of-range”, or “Alex has joined the group” or “You are in a group with Sam, Alex and Michael”.

The device is capable of working for a full day and is waterproof.

It has a range of 600m range between any two nodes in the network for real-time low-latency wideband voice syndication.

This can be extended by the MiloNet mesh network, there is also a long-range mode that has reach over 1 kilometre.

The device is Launching worldwide today and is shipping in December 2020.

In an exclusive interview with ChannelNews Celinski said that the product will be distributed in Australia by a global distributor “Who has taken equity” in the brand.

At the core of Milo is the MiloNet™ protocol which has been developed by Celinski sand a team of developers working in Silicon Valley.

Celinski is the ex, CTO at Sound United (brands Denon, Marantz, HEOS), Ex CTO at Denon & Marantz, ex. Founder of Avega Systems (backed by Cisco, first WiFi speaker platform 2005.

Today he has a core team of 13 full time staff with over 200 years combined networking and embedded product development expertise.

They include developers who have worked for Amazon Lab 126, Garmin, Nokia, Intel, Logitech, Denon, Bang & Olufsen, Bowers & Wilkins, and Nuance.

The core technology behind the new MiloNet network which has been described as a highly dynamic ad-hoc mesh network.

Unlike open source alternatives (BT mesh, Zigbee, Thread), MiloNet™ is tolerant to packet loss, provides proactive routing, latency control and is air efficient.

Milo combines advanced audio processing (including wind and other noise suppression), 6 high-performance microphones, a complex RF design, a custom speaker and amplifier design and a simple user interface, all in a palm-sized form-factor.

Cost in US dollars.
– 2-pack Milo $319 ( 36% off RRP $498)
– 3-pack Milo $449 (40% off RRP $747)
– 4-pack Milo $549 (45% off RRP $996)
– Single $169 (32% off RRP $249)

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