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OZ Gamers Enjoy Fast Connections, ACCC Broadband Report Finds

OZ Gamers Enjoy Fast Connections, ACCC Broadband Report Finds

Australian gamers generally have a good gaming experience, according to the ACCC’s first ever measurement of online experience for gaming services.

The latest Measuring Broadband Australia report found that consumers “typically have fast connections to online gaming servers over home broadband connections”

Broadband connections are strongest in NSW and ACT, according to the report.

Not surprisingly, the report found the distance to gaming servers was key, with latency increasing when the server is further away.

“Gamers in NSW and the ACT enjoyed the lowest latency for gaming servers located in Australia, averaging between 10 and 20 milliseconds across various games, due to most Australian gaming servers being in Sydney,” the report reads.

Latency to Australian servers for popular online games like Fortnite and League of Legends averaged 15 to 30 milliseconds per test on different NBN fixed-line technologies, which the ACCC regards as a good gaming experience, with minimal stuttering or lag.

“While fibre to the premises and fibre to the curb connections generally had the lowest latency, all fixed-line access technologies had relatively low latency for games hosted in Australia. Consumers on fixed wireless connections experienced higher latency than those using fixed-line technologies. This is expected given the nature of fixed wireless technology,” ACCC Commissioner Anna Brakey said.

The report has also shown that latency does not depend on the selected speed tier, meaning a faster plan won’t necessarily equal faster gaming.

“We encourage consumers to consider the cost and quality of the various retail plans available and choose the plan that represents the best value to them,” Brakey said.

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