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Oz Brands Lag Behind Global Rivals, Amazon Charges Ahead

Interbrand has released its ‘2017 Best Global Brands’ list, flagging Amazon as one the globe’s fastest-growing brands, whilst notably leaving behind any Australian options from the Top 100 ranking.

The list indicates potential vulnerabilities for Australian organisations, in the face of Amazon Australia’s imminent arrival.

Interbrand did identify technology-based brands/companies as the most dominant sector.

Nathan Burch, CEO of Interbrand Australia, states of the research’s impact on Australia brands:

“If you’re a brand in Australia not thinking about your brand’s reaction to Amazon, and brand growth, then now is the time to start”

“For the second year in a row Amazon have achieved double digit growth. Brands in Australia have to understand that the tsunami that is Amazon is going to wash over the shore of Australia very soon – and with much the same effect on many sectors”

“When we look at disruptors in many sectors, Amazon’s name comes up again and again – in retail, banking, telco, media, SMBs and of course logistics”.

For the past five years, Google and Apple have remained Interbrand’s top-ranked brands. 2017’s survey estimates that Apple’s brand value has jumped 3% to over US$185 billion, with Google climbing 6% to US$142 billion.

Over half of the Best Global Brands come from four sectors: automotive (16), technology (15), financial services (12), and fast-moving consumer goods (9).

Retail has been flagged as the top growing sector (in percentage terms) at 19%.

Interbrand has nominated the top three growing brands as; Facebook (48% growth), followed by Amazon (29% growth) and Adobe (19%). It is the second consecutive year Facebook has led.

Mr Birch affirms that brand value is at the core of an organisation’s success, especially in the current commercial climate:

“Brands are the synergy between people, technology, and business. In this changing world, businesses need brands more than ever, they bring business strategies to life and are the primary means for differentiation and growth”.

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