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Orchestration To Build Enterprise Cyber-Resilience

Enterprises will employ systems that proactively plan and automatically respond to cyber-events, utilising orchestration and automation, in the evolution of next-gen cybersecurity, according to ABI Research.

ABI states that “security policy orchestration sits at the core of the transition from static defense to agile and adaptive response”, forecasting it will reach US$1 billion in its global revenues by 2020.

“Orchestration is an evolutionary step toward organisational cyber-resiliency, a conceptual architecture for maintaining business functions and operations despite adverse cyber-conditions,” ABI research director Michela Menting commented.

“While orchestration platforms are relatively new in the market, their focus on automating management and change is crucial for the future enterprise faced with myriads of expanding digital opportunities: BYOD, cloud adoption and the IoT.”

ABI states that “security policies act as the language for controlling autonomic systems”, with orchestration platforms “the ideal medium for them to do so”.

“The security policy orchestration market is striving to simplify the complex management of next-generation network security through automation,” ABI notes.

Entrenched network security companies are increasingly offering orchestration for their product base, with ABI noting that FireEye, ForeScout, Tufin and Tripwire are among the companies involved in the space, along with newer firms, such as Phantom, “investing in the market from a unique orchestration perspective”.

“With enterprises facing expansion into new technology domains and increasingly advanced threat scenarios, orchestration will transform cybersecurity into an autonomic and truly dynamic discipline,” Menting stated.

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