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Kiwi Distributor Exceed Thinks It Can Crack OZ Market

New Zealand based distributor Exeed is trying to have a crack at setting up an Australian operation, the move comes at a time when several brands are moving to take control of their own brands due to poor sales growth from Companies like Exceed.

The Company is claiming that in New Zealand they represent Kaiser Baas, Silicon Power, Smaak, Whoosh, Kingsons, Leef, Homido and Trackimo.

In Australia Kaiser Baas has their own distribution operation and are currently expanding into the UK. The Melbourne based Company recently won orders from the UK retail group Dixons. They are also expanding their operations in the Middle East. The Company recently moved a senior executive from Melbourne to London to handle the growth coming from their expansion into Europe.  

Exceed is currently trying to recruit vendors.

Several retailers and specialist dealers have told ChannelNews that “The last thing we need is another distributor”.

The Auckland-based distributor has appointed Daniel Harper as GM for Australia, they appear to only have four staff in Australia.

Most of the brands that the Company represents in New Zealand already have distribution agreements in place in Australia. Brands contacted by ChannelNews claim that they will not be switching distributors simply because Exeed has turned up in Australia.

The Company claims that one of their growth partners is Microsoft a Company that is moving to selling both their software and hardware direct, using the Windows 10 database to spruik consumers into buying games, Office 365 and B2B software.

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