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Optus Tightens Its Belt, Axes 240 Jobs

Optus has announced it will outsource its network management centre to Nokia from April next year – resulting in about 170 network staff layoffs, adding to the separate axing of 70 Business division personnel.

Reports state the Australian telco has elected Nokia to run its mobile network operations and assurance arm out of India and Australia from mid-next year.

Optus has informed media that the decision will “deepen” its relationship with Finland-headquartered Nokia over the next five years, which would involve the delivery of “end-to-end management and maintenance” of its network.

The Australian telco has reportedly confirmed the redundancies, and states affected staff have already been informed, with potential transfer opportunities currently explored:

“We anticipate that approximately 170 roles will be made redundant, although we are working with employees who are affected by these changes to identify redeployment opportunities where possible”

“Some technical roles are being transferred to the Nokia team where they will perform a similar function”

“At Optus we continually review our business processes to ensure we’re working in the best way possible to achieve our goals”.

Reports state the personnel layoffs are derived from within its market, network IT, human resources, wholesale, satellite, corporate and small-to-medium size business sectors.

A company spokesperson states the layoffs are part of continual reviews:

“Optus will continue to review its structure and operations from time to time to make sure we are optimally placed to compete in the market and deliver the services customers expect”.

Earlier today, Optus advised that 70 staff within its Business function would also be made redundant, after an efficiency review.

A company spokesperson states:

“At Optus we continually review our business structure to ensure we’re working in the best way possible to achieve our goals and reduce duplication”.

The news follows last year’s operational restructuring, which saw the loss of about 480 jobs. These cuts were somewhat offset by the addition of 140 new roles in April.

Optus is not the only Australian telco who has been tightening its belt in recent times.

In June, Telstra reported it would be axing around 1,400 jobs as it endeavours to find around $1 billion in cost savings.

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