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Optus, Huawei Acknowledge Mate 20 Pro Green Screen Issue

After numerous customer complaints on the Optus YesCrowd forums, Optus and Huawei have acknowledged the green-tinted screen issue on Huawei Mate 20 Pro and promised to refund or replace affected products.

As originally reported by Ausdroid, several Optus customers went to Optus’ support forum to complain that their screens were tinting green.

At first, it appeared to only affect a few devices but then began to be reported by more device owners both here in Australia and abroad.

After Ausdroid’s original story, as well as numerous reports by other news outlets, Optus released a statement acknowledging the issue and offering a solution:

“After analysis of a sample of Huawei Mate 20 Pro returns conducted by Huawei and Optus we have confirmed that all units tested exhibited the green tint to varying degrees. Testing has shown that the failure manifests when the display brightness is set to zero and viewed in a low ambient light environment and only when viewing a dark screen. We can confirm that the failure doesn’t inhibit the issue of the handset or pose a danger. We will continue to offer a replacement from good stock or a cancellation/refund (if you’d prefer)”

According to Ausdroid’s own research and confirmation that said they received from an Optus representative, the issue was mostly confined to the LG display models with very few of other displays — manufactured by Chinese firm BOE — experiencing the fault:

“Very few of the other displays (manufactured by BOE) have demonstrated the same issue. 91% of those who got in touch with Ausdroid had Mate 20 Pro screens from LG, whereas only 8.3% had BOE screens.”

Ausdroid is also reporting that Huawei is working with Optus to guarantee that any affected customers have clear options including replacement or refund if required.

Huawei has also given direct contact details to affected customers should they need them.

One Huawei customer posted this email he received on Optus’ YesCrowd forum:

Dear Customer, on behalf of Huawei and our partner Ausdroid thank you for giving us the opportunity to reach out to you with regards to your recent Mate 20 Pro purchase. We have been informed that you may be experiencing difficulties with your device. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience incurred and rest assured we will ensure you receive the highest levels of attention and support. Please be advised that we are currently working closely with our channel partner Optus for an immediate resolution to your problem. One of their customer service representatives will be in touch within the next 48 hours with clear and simple next steps. Should there be anything else you need, please do not hesitate to reach me through the details below.

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