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Oppo’s First Dual Lens Smartphone Revealed In Leak

Chinese smartphone player Oppo has had its yet-to-be-announced R11 handset revealed via a leaked commercial for the handset.

Presumably positioned as a follow-up to the R9 and R9S, the R11 will be the first Oppo handset to feature a dual-lens camera.

Dual-lens cameras have become quite popular in recent years, with Apple, Google and Huawei positioning them as a major selling point for their flagship devices.

Oppo spoke extensively at this year’s MWC about bringing a 5x zoom camera feature to their future handsets.

At the time, Oppo claimed to have achieved a “lossless” zoom system for a smartphone camera by combining 3x optical zoom with “proprietary image fusion technology” through digital zoom.

It remains to be seen how Oppo’s system can effectively upscale 3x optical zoom to 5x without a loss in quality, and how its combination of optical and digital zoom is different from Apple and other manufacturers.

Whether or not the R11 will allow us to find out is at this time unknown.

However, it is understood that the R99 will be the company’s first smartphone to run on Nougat, with a 20-megapixel camera and 4GBs of RAM rounding out the package nicely.

Australian pricing and availability for the R11 is unavailable at this time but expect more information to come when the phone gets an official reveal.


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