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OPPO Caught Cheating in Benchmarks

OPPO is the latest smartphone manufacturer to come under fire for fudging their benchmark results. They are accused of using their AI to detect benchmarking programs and max out their performance levels, manipulating the results.

UL Benchmarks has just delisted Oppo’s Find X and F7 phones from its 3DMark charts after its own testing and research conducted by Tech2 revealed that both OPPO devices were artificially ramping up processor performance when they detected the 3DMark test.

The OPPO models were designed to identify the publicly available 3DMark app from the Google Play Store by name and then designate more resources to ensure a higher performance score.

UL, tested both devices with a private version of 3DMark and found that the Find X and F7 were scoring up to 41% higher than with the publicly available app.

Oppo acknowledged that it always stepped things up when it detected “games or 3D Benchmarks that required high performance,” but claimed that any app would run full bore if you tapped on the screen every few seconds to signal your actions.

UL has refected their justifications and OPPO has promised to upgrade their systems but hasn’t agreed to stop cheating in future.

HTC, Huawei, Samsung and other major names have been caught cheating before, Tech2 states that there’s a playground mentality that if they cheat, I’ll cheat too.

UL’s move to delist phones that have been caught cheating might not convince the companies to be more honest, but it might make them more cautious in the future.

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