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Google Glass In OZ 2014?

Google Glass In OZ 2014? “There is every reason to believe Google Glass will be out in Australia by the end of the year”, Bosco Tan, Pocketbook co-founder told Smarthouse.  

Google have always said it aims to mass release Glass in 2014, although has encountered some obstacles, of late, which could see this release date pushed back. 
It is currently available in the US for US$1500, trialled by  a number of ‘Explorers’.  
Tan is behind a money managing app called Pocketbook, and the Australian start-up is now working  on a cutting-edge Google Glass app that promises to “forever change the way you spend your money.”  
The app will be commanded from Glass in various ways – hand gestures, voice command and other ways that is still being worked out.  Wearable tech will push the boundaries of how we interact with devices, says Tan. 
Glass is a compelling way to be more useful to the average user – offering a live, real time experience, whether its walking, cycling, shopping – and more simple to use than a smartphone. 
“The internet of things is where it’s going to be at. It’s all about end user experience.”  Pocketbook app is already available for smartphones and has over 60,000 mobile users. 

He predicts big things for  Google Glass, and says there is every reason to speculate Google’s specs may win that wearable glasses category.  
There is “no doubt” Glass will be a success, “just look at the popularity of FitBit, which was one of the hottest retail items at Christmas.”
“This is a signal that wearable tech has been democratised.. people now see the utility in it. That point will come for Glass.”