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Only 3 Employees Needed For Amazon’s Checkout-Free Supermarkets

Amazon’s supermarket concept that automates the buying process could require as few as three employees.

The New York Post reported that Amazon Go stores could be staffed by three to ten employees at once, with automation and a lack of checkouts allowing for a significant reduction in staff. Robots working behind the scenes are also expected to limit the amount of employees needed for typical supermarket operations.

Amazon Go stores feature sensors that are able detect when an item has been removed from the shelves. When a customer has finished shopping, they can simply leave the store and the total cost will be billed to their Amazon account.

An average store could operate with six staff according to the New York Post. A manager could oversee operations and sign up customers to the Amazon Fresh delivery service, while two employees could deliver groceries to customers at a drive-through.

Two other employees could work alongside robots to bag groceries for pick up, and another could be tasked with restocking shelves.

Amazon have yet to expand the Amazon Go store concept outside of Seattle, which is currently limited to employees of the company. A recent report from The Times suggests the company is looking into launching Amazon Go in London later this year.

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