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One Of The Hottest Products At CES 2016 Exposed

One of the hottest products at CES 2016, is the new range of 360fly products that now includes a model that is specifically designed to be integrated almost flat into a helmet.

And for all those Australians who want to hang on in there for a really cool drone that comes with 720-degree capability, wait till September when 360fly will launch one of the smartest 360-degree camera capable drones we have ever seen.
360fly CEO Peter Adderton is an Aussie, the founder of Boost Mobile Adderton is now running a Company that is seriously pulling together some great software and app innovation, hardware design and motion detection engineering. 
This is very evident in the way that 360fly users can shoot a 360-degree video, and when you edit the clip on the 360fly app you can add any overlay music track that is royalty free and in minutes post it to Facebook.
The 360fly camera, is a small, sturdy ball that shoots panoramic views.

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The software is so good that a user can deliver live or recorded, 360-degree, stitchless, 4k video straight to a virtual reality headset or a 360 degree Facebook or You Tube channel.
Both Giro and Bell – both BRG brands – will embed these “all seeing” 360fly cameras into their sports helmets in Australia, to capture live or playback 360-degree video for use with Google Cardboard or an interactive app on an iPad or smartphone.
Adderton gave SmartHouse a sneak peek at a 360-degree-capable drone with top and bottom single lens cameras affixed for video from every angle.
This in effect delivers both top and bottom recording capability along with 720-degree vision. 
Right next to the 360fly stand is GoPro who is still flogging point and shoot forward facing cameras.
One of the big talking points at CES 2016 was how GoPro’s stock has crashed recently as the Company struggles to deliver a product to compete with the likes of the 360fly offering.

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ChannelNews understands that several major Corporations are keen to either invest or buy into 360fly but Adderton who is a shrewd investor having built highly successful Companies in the past believes it’s too early in the game especially as analysts are tipping 360fly as one of the hottest consumer technology kids on the block.
Interestingly, GoPro recently introduced Karma, a drone rumored to be 360-degree capable and VR ready, too.
.Some have speculated that a 360-degree drone could be the ticket to getting it back in the game – though 360fly’s drone might just beat it there.
Adderton didn’t want to say too much about the drone but from the quick demo that ChannelNews got this is one serious piece of kit that could be a hit in both the consumer and Pro markets.
The new advanced 360fly camera features include:
Front-facing mode – for when you don’t want a 360-degree view for some reason.
Time-lapse mode – ability to select 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60-second shutter intervals.

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Motion and auto-detection mode – automatically records when there is movement or sound.
Accelerometer activated record mode – starts recording when you shake the camera.
Telemetry – track your location, altitude, and speed, then overlay that data on your video if you want.
One-push button colour coding – additional colour-coded lighting around the OnePush button and bottom of the mounting dock.
The camera’s 360-degree surveillance ability also includes:
Autopilot tracking – uses machine learning to track desired subjects/objects through the entire 360-degree field of view.
Collision avoidance alerts – helmet wearers will be told if something dangerous is coming up behind them.
A highlight reel – the camera will automatically edit and compile what it deems most interesting.
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