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CES 2016 Technics Introduces Next-Gen Turntables

Technics has unveiled its 50th anniversary limited edition Grand Class SL-1200GAE and non-limited Grand Class SL-1200G turntables at CES 2016.

Panasonic’s Technics brand’s next-gen turntables are decked out with a newly designed direct-drive motor, with Technics stating “an ever-increasing consumer interest in vinyl records has prompted the launch of a new system for hi-fi use”.

Technics states that with its newly developed coreless direct-drive motor without iron core, the problem of “cogging”, tiny vibrations of the motor and rotational speed fluctuations, can be eliminated, with potential minute motor vibrations suppressed even further by high-precision rotary positioning sensors guided by a microprocessor-controlled system.

“The Technics turntable aims to provide the smoothest possible rotary control by the use of an encoder at the bottom of the motor which detects the precise rotating angle,” Technics states.

“Furthermore, a twin rotator construction reduces the bearing load while maintaining high torque and also limits minute vibration during rotation, making it possible to reproduce the warm sound and subtle nuances of musical expression engraved in the analogue record grooves and craved for by vinyl lovers.”

A three-layered construction consists of a rigidly combined heavyweight brass and aluminum die cast platter, and deadening rubber, covering the entire rear surface, with a high dampening tonearm employing a lightweight material (aluminum for the SL-1200G and magnesium for the SL-1200GAE).

A four-layered cabinet construction sees a hairline-processed, 10 mm top panel of immaculate aluminium added to the previous three-layered construction, combining “high rigidity with a premium finish and feel”.

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