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Ombudsman Report Reveals NBN Complaints Have Almost Doubled

Data from this year’s Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman’s annual report has revealed that general NBN complaints almost doubled to 13,406.

Its the highest level for general complaints directed at the NBN, and a 22% jump on the previous year.

More-specific complaints about faults with the network rose 147.8 per cent from the previous year.

Notably, these trends are at odds with what the report indicated about the rest of the telecommunications sector. It found that overall complaints fell by 9.6 per cent on the previous year, with complaints about mobile phones falling 28.8% to their lowest level in almost a decade.

“Faults and connections are the main issues, delay in connection is a typical complaint, and once they are connected consumers tell us that they’re experiencing what they believe are slow data speeds, unusable services and drop-outs,” ombudsman Judi Jones told the ABC.

Communications Alliance chief executive John Stanton asserts that this rise in NBN complaints is due to the increased speed of the network rollout.

“The rate of growth in these complaints is slower than the rate of growth of active services on NBN-based networks — meaning that proportionally, the complaint volumes are actually falling,” he said.

As of its latest financial results, NBN Co says it now has 1.4 million active end-users and another 3.2 million premises ready for service.

It aims to have 11.9 million premises to be connected to the network by 2020.

“I must say the vast majority of people who are on the NBN are having a very good experience, and in some cases they’re having connectivity where they didn’t have it before,” insisted NBN Co’s Peter Gurney.