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Apple Incentivizing TV App With Fee Cuts

Revealed back in October, Apple’s new TV app slipped under the shadow of its newly announced range of Macbooks. However, there’s a lot riding on Apple’s effort to stake its place in the pantheon of content streaming services.

Now, according to reports out of Bloomberg, Apple will be cutting the amount it charges to sell video services over the App Store from 30% to 15%.

According to sources who spoke to Bloomberg, Apple is now extending the new rate to all subscription video services as long as they are integrated with Apple’s new TV app.

Reducing the size of their take will, theoretically, serve to make them a more appealing option for the companies set to bring the movie and TV show content their new TV App needs if it wants to compete without featuring Netflix.

Making their new TV app a success is an important task for Apple, given the services element of their business proved the big earner of their most recent financial report.

Netflix disagreed with Apple’s data-collection policy, choosing not to integrate with its TV app at launch. While it’s possible that the reduced-fee could lure the biggest player in streaming back, it’s too early to tell.

Still, without Netflix, Apple’s ability to thrive in the content streaming and management area is likely to be curtailed.

Thanks to Foxtel, Australia has already seen what comes of ignoring the biggest and most popular content provider in the space.