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Okay Google “Why Are You Not Working”

Google Home and Chromecast devices appear to have a problem with Google confirming that some devices are failing to respond.

The big US search Company has not said what is causing the problem or how many people are affected. They are telling affected users it is working on a fix.

Many users of both smart home devices are contacting the @MadebyGoogle Twitter account complaining they’re unable to use their devices.

One user said his speaker replied to the “OK Google” command with “Google home has not setup yet. Download Google Home app.” The user in question even tried a factory reset to no avail.

Others say the Google Home app is still recognising the Chromecast device, but are unable to cast content to their television sets. The Chromecast icon has even disappeared from many top streaming apps like Hulu, Netflix and HBO.

The company has been responding to scores of people experiencing issues with their devices and are promising to update them once the problem has been fixed. The firm is encouraging owners to “hang in there” at the time of writing.

Affected users have been tweeting at Google for most of the afternoon so it appears the issue is significant enough to sufficiently trouble Google’s engineers.

One Twitter user claimed then issue is down a failed update pertaining to location privacy, but Google has not confirmed that.

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