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Oh Dear! What Happened To The Vanishing Sharp Story At Appliance Retailer

Oh, dear what happened to the vanishing Sharp Australia story at Appliance Retailer.

One minute they are telling readers that Sharp Australia is set to stop selling microwaves, with the microwave business set to go to Sydney based distributor Tempo, 40 minutes later the story was pulled down.

The only problem is that both Sharp and Tempo know nothing about the so-called decision as both organisations are still trying to work out 2020 and 2021 product line ups.

Prior to the story being written Kimberly Martin phoned Sharp’s PR agency. No comment was made by either Sharp or the PR Agency Umm, then after the story was pulled down due to a call from Tempo executives questioning the news which they knew nothing about the writer tried several times during the afternoon to get Sharp to comment.

Tempo who after being appointed last year by Sharp to sell selected Sharp products have increased sales of Sharp air conditioners, refrigerators and during the bushfire crisis air purifiers in Australia.

According to Tempo management, the distributor has “no stock” of Sharp refrigerators due to a massive sell out of models due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

ChannelNews understands that no decision has been made about the sale of Sharp microwaves other than it’s “business as usual” at Sharp Australia.

A senior Director of Tempo told ChannelNews “We are very surprised by the news that Tempo will take over the Companies Microwave business”.

“We were surprised that we were not contacted about this story prior to it being published”.

Earlier in the week Sharp Australia management announced the appointment of Tim Ko as managing director, succeeding Hitoshi Kagawa, who is being transferred to the company’s head office in Japan after three years at the helm.

Ko’s core expertise is in the commercial market with his appointment seen as a move to expand the Company’s commercial B2B business over appliances.

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