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Office 365 Out, Microsoft 365 In – New Subscription Aimed At Families

Microsoft has begun rolling out its Microsoft 365 Personal and Family Plans subscription services, focusing its additions and upgrades on family application.

For example, Microsoft 365’s Microsoft Family Safety app manages screen time, provides parents with location sharing and notifications when family members leave or arrive at locations, and helps protect kids from viewing unsafe content.

Many of the new features of Microsoft 365 that build on the programs offered under Office 365 are packaged in a way that appeals to families.

Microsoft’s Editor, which checks grammar, spelling and style, now has plagiarism-checking and citing capabilities. Microsoft said, “Teachers love that similarity checker helps students learn how to appropriately cite content.”

“To kickstart your school, work, or family project and save time, Microsoft 365 subscribers also get exclusive access to 200+ new premium templates across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint,” Microsoft stated in its announcement.

‘Money in Excel’, meanwhile, is designed to help “people and families” more easily track and analyse their spending.

Microsoft also introduced a new feature in Skype called ‘Meet Now’, which allows users to create video meetings without signups or downloads. This will be particularly useful for video chats with people that aren’t typically as tech-savvy (such as grandparents), given the COVID-19 pandemic.

In its Microsoft 365 unveiling, the company revealed that 40 million people are now using Skype every day, up 70% compared to last month.

In addition, more features were added to Microsoft Teams to make it more conducive to personal use. Now, you can integrate Microsoft Teams with Microsoft 365 to share grocery lists, create shared family calendars and store important family information.

Even the pricing has been targeted at families, at USD$6.99 per month for a personal plan and USD$9.99 per month for a family plan (up to six people).

The new Microsoft 365 plans will fully replace the existing Office 365 subscriptions from the 21st of April.

Table of what is offered under Microsoft 365

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