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NSW Govt. To Sign Up 40K Homes For E-Storage Plan

The NSW Government is looking to sign up as many as 40,000 homes and businesses willing to create a “virtual battery”, able to shore up the State’s power grid at certain peak times.

Participants will need to agree to feed excess electricity into the grid at certain peak demand times, creating the equivalent of 200 megawatts of instantly available electricity.

Funding for the three-year program will come from the Government’s $222 million Climate Change Fund. It aims to have the “virtual battery” operating next year, with funding coming from the Climate Change source.

Devices likely to be eligible will need to be remotely controllable. Batteries, including those used by some electric vehicle manufacturers, are also expected to take part.

John Grimes, chief executive of the Smart Energy Council, this week welcomed the plan as a positive for those considering adding home energy storage, such as for their solar panels.

“This policy aligns the interests of families and the interests of the community and that is very smart,” Grimes said. “There is massive community interest in battery storage and this policy will be a significant boost to the solar and storage industry.”


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