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Note 7 Cut Off Australian Networks

If you somehow managed to disregard or ignore the many report of Samsung’s Note 7 exploding due to a battery fault and held onto your device then bad news, it’s finally about to be cut off from Australian carriers.

As of December 15, Australian carriers Telstra, Optus and Vodafone (along with any mobile virtual network operators that piggybacking on their infrastructure) will no longer allow Note7 devices to connect to their cellular networks.

Samsung say customers will be notified by both themselves and carriers from December 1st, promising three weeks of “ongoing commmunication and updates” in the lead up to the cutoff date.

It’s the latest (and hopefully final) unprecedented step Samsung have taken in the wake of the Note7’s launch and subsequent mass recall.

It’s unclear how many Note7 handsets have been returned in Australia – but it’s clear that Samsung is concerned that there are many still out there and untreated. They took the step of handicapping the device’s battery charge level at 60% via software patch earlier this month.

Hopefully that’s the last we hear of the handset blacklisted by airlines and Samsung can begin to look forward to 2017 and the Galaxy S8.