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Norton Issues Warning Against Fake Phishing Scam

The UK’s Action Fraud Body has received reports of an email phishing scam that is showing up under the guise of a Norton Antivirus email. The threat is thought to be incredibly serious, with 110 reports via Action Fraud in 7 days.

Those who receive the email are told that their antivirus subscription has ended or due for renewal, before being directed to fake support via a contact number that will be answered by operators who will be diving for personal and financial information.

The emails are also laced with dangerous and fake links to sites that will prompt visitors to enter important and secure information that may expose their bank accounts.

Action Fraud urges users who come across these emails to forward it to [email protected].

Email phishing scams are common and affect people on a daily basis. Branding of major companies is common. Only recently, scammers recreated the PayPal landing page, prompting users to enter their login details.

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