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Apple Issue Warning And Emergency Update

Apple have released an emergency update in an effort to fix potentially dangerous bugs. The two bugs in question have been identified as a security risk, as they allow hackers to access deep parts of your iPhone and hijack your device and it’s information.

Apple say that the bug allows rogue apps to “execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges”. The Cupertino based tech company also say that the issue may have may have already “been actively exploited”.

The update provides a quick and easy fix for the bugs. iPhone users should head to Settings > General and then hit Software Update. If your phone does not have the storage space for the update, Apple may ask to temporarily delete some apps. Once the update is installed, it will reinstall the apps and all the content you had on them.

The best way to stay continuously protected is to regularly update your device, as Apple and other major tech companies continue to fight bugs and exploits.

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