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Nintendo Profits On Mobile Gaming And Pokemon

Nintendo has reported its first quarterly profit in a year as its entries into the mobile gaming market pay off.

The company reported a profit of 64.7 billion yen ($757 million) in the quarter ending December 31, more than double the previous year.

Super Mario Run, released exclusively on iOS in December, has to date received 78 million downloads worldwide. Around 5% of users paid $14.99 to unlock the full game, bringing in about $70 million in revenue.

Nintendo had predicted at least twice as many users would pay the unlock fee. The company will release a new mobile game, Fire Emblem: Heroes, on the Android app store this week, while Super Mario run will also become available on Android next month.

Pokémon Go continues to generate income for Nintendo while also driving strong interest in its 3DS console. Nintendo received almost 5 billion yen ($58.5 million) from Pokémon Go. Meanwhile, the latest installments in the Pokémon series for the 3DS, Pokémon Sun and Moon, sold 14.7 million copies worldwide.

Despite the positive news, weaker than expected games sales led Nintendo to cut its operating income forecast for the year by a third to 20 billion yen ($234 million). The company’s Wii U console sold 760,000 units between April and December last year, down 75% year-on-year.

In a statement to shareholders and investors, Nintendo’s President Tatsumi Kimishima said the company “will continue to flexibly transform itself by adapting to changing times.”

Nintendo will release its new console, the Switch, on March 3. Reuters reported the initial shipment of two million units have already been allocated.

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