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Nintendo Copies Google With New Cardboard VR Initative

Back in 1995 Nintendo had a crack at trying to sell virtual reality gaming with Virtual Boy, it was a flop, now they are having another go.

The Japanese Company has now released new The Nintendo Labo VR Kit that lets gamers build a headset mostly out of cardboard so that they can slide in the device to create what the company calls “basic VR technology.”.

The Nintendo Switch offering is remarkably similar to what Google has already delivered for smartphones with their cardboard goggles that turned smartphones into VR goggles, this concept was released five years ago.

The new $100, Nintendo VR kit includes an alien shooting title and an ocean swimming simulation. It goes on sale April 12.

“We wanted to design an experience that encourages both virtual and real-world interactions among players,” Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s chief, said in a statement Thursday.

Nintendo’s VR headset doesn’t require a strap-on to stay affixed.

Instead, users hold it up to their eyes with one hand and control games with the other.

That suggests a focus on more casual, shorter experiences and a device that Nintendo believe can be easily shared among a group.

Bloomberg said that as the Switch platform is entering its third year, Nintendo is facing increasing pressure to boost the device’s appeal beyond its core user base of loyal gamers.

The shares of Nintendo were down 1 percent in early trading in Tokyo, following the announcement.

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